New Jersey State Legislature

Client: Office of Legislative Services
URL: www.njleg.state.nj.us


NJLEG.STATE.NJ.US [OLD] was very outdated, suffered from poor site navigation and lacked graphical design

The Official Site of the New Jersey State Legislature is a comprehensive information-based site housing legal resources and publications on NJ State Laws. Among its thousands of pages and downloadables the site includes:

  • Bill Search (by specific criteria)
  • Legislative Members Directory
  • Bill Subscription Service
  • Legislative Schedules and Calendar
  • Live Video Feeds of Assembly Sessions and PreRecorded Past Sessions
  • Interactive Kids Pages

Amtech has been staffing multiple techs and programmers for The Office of Legislative Services (OLS) since 1984 and has supplied thousands of PCs and technical services to OLS. We support all computer networks in Trenton and support all 147 Legislative district offices with wireless networking technology.


NJLEG.STATE.NJ.US [REDESIGNED] has a new contemporary look and feel, utilizing the state flag colors in a consistent portal look throughout the site.

We started by providing the client with several mockup designs for them to choose from. Since it was to be an information-based site, our focus was designing a site that was clean, simple to use, and easy to navigate, with minimal usage of graphics to optimize page loading time.

For an information-based site like this one, critical factors to adhere to include:
- universal browser compatibility
- fast loading pages
- quck, consistent, easy-to-use navigation

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