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Product / Service Categories

Social Exchange is a Social Business communication app that enables organizations to manage its internal and external communications.

The app serves as a productivity tool and efficiency platform for businesses, groups and organizations alike to share news and updates, manage groups and membership, and collaborate.

Think of Social Exchange as a secure, cloud based intranet that your members or employees can access from any of their devices.

Currently in the Apple store and on Google Play, this program works on all mobile devices, tablets, and web browsers.

Product / Service Categories

NJ State Legislature

We designed a site that was clean, simple to use, and easy to navigate, with minimal usage of graphics to optimize page loading time. We assemble data from hundreds of internal data sources from their network and organize the data to be presented and sorted on the website. Tens of thousands of pages are being parsed and organized and it all works in the background as the State employees work at their desks on their own internal systems.

- universal browser compatibility
- fast loading pages
- quck, consistent, easy-to-use navigation

This site pulls data from hundreds of data sources and is updated daily. The site was designed to be cross platform capable and Bobby compliant.

This project was written using Microsoft technology