Our Approach

Our Story

Our Story

Amtech was started out of a love for technology and our business has grown exponentially over the years. With cross platform experience with Novell, Microsoft and Unix we understand the demands of a streamlined solution for your business. We have resources in most all areas of IT, and can always deploy resources on-demand.
Always driven to stay ahead of the curve, over the years we have kept up with our education in various disciplines in local and wide area networking, Cloud based solutions, HIPPA compliance, Social Media, eCommerce and cutting edge programming languages, APIs and frameworks.
Our business has grown over the years based on relationships and referrals. No matter the size of your business, if there is a fit and we work together as a team, there is no doubt that we'll be working together for many  years to come.


Meet the Team

Founded in 1984 by Bruce Sadowitz, a Novell certified expert who was writing and developing custom designed software and deploying them on Local Area Networks. Over the years our team has grown to include many professionals all with specific areas of technical and administrative expertise.
bruce sadowitz

Bruce Sadowitz

Founder & CEO

A published author, Bruce has been applying his many certifications and extensive experience to help companies best stay on top of their technology.
Bruce manages many the technical aspects of most company projects, oversees our Sales Department and is the Director of our  staffing and outsourcing department.  Bruce's hands-on experience with Novell, Windows, and UNIX environments coupled with strong programming, SQL, web development and management skillset.
When not playing his guitar, Bruce offers our clients customized end to end manageable solutions and is always a phone call away.  Bruce is tethered to his technology, can help assess the best solution for your company and knows how to build teams to get the job done.
Helaine Sadowitz

Helaine Sadowitz

President & CFO

Helaine joined the company in 1986 and was active when we were founded in 1984. She manages all aspects of Financial reporting, Accounting, Human Resources, Legal,  compliance and oversees our Intellectual property.
With strong attention to detail, Helaine directs much of the company's overall strategy and objectives. Helaine is responsible for the continual nurturing and oversight of our Vocational training centers and educational department and played in active role in our accreditation.
Her extensive experience, great communication skills, upbeat personality and attention to detail make her a pleasure to work with. Helaine did her undergraduate work at Syracuse University and Kean University.

Cassie McBride


Cassie serves as Amtech's creative content, branding, SEO, SEM, analytics and Social Media marketing strategy expert for our clients.
With 8 years experience at Amtech, at 26 years old, Cassie Sadowitz became the youngest attorney to serve as general counsel for a professional football team. Now in her fifth season with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Cassie has daily responsibility for the team’s legal function and manages transactions and compliance for the team.
Cassie has established a department that embraces the millennial culture and was recognized by the The Daily Business Review as the 2016 Rising Star Award recipient. Cassie is also the founder of Spysie.com, a spinoff of Amtech specializing in digital strategies and brand promotion.

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